Issuing Bad Checks – How It Can Affect You

Bad checks can lead to serious criminal repercussions. If you have written many bad checks intentionally and the checks bounced, you will probably need a criminal defense attorney. Perhaps something went wrong in your bank’s processes or your employer is at fault. Or maybe you went amiss in your own personal accounting. Whatever your reason is, you need a credible defense which you can build together with a good lawyer.

We have experience with a bad check defense at Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law. Start your search for lawyers with us. We offer a free initial consultation and can be easily be accessed.


Possible Punishments from Bad Check Cases

People with bad checks are advised not to talk to the bank involved or any commercial institution. It’s best to keep quiet about it. Do not even talk to the police. Any information divulged to any of these entities can be used in court and can lead to a criminal proceeding involving fraud or passing bad checks.

Punishments vary from state to state. Depending on your particular situation and the circumstances surrounding your case, you can be charged with either civil penalties, or criminal penalties, or both.

In Arizona, a convictions for a writing bad check can result will punishment of up to 6 months in jail and probation. Each case is handled a little bit different based on the evidence, the intent and criminal background of the person convicted. You will need to pay back the full amount of the fraudulent check and you may be subjected to a fine of up to $2500, plus an 84% surcharge.

In Florida, where these cases are considered criminal offenses, a convicted person may end up spending up to 1 year in jail, where the issued check was for less than $150. Beyond this amount, the court of the state will label the case as a third degree offense and, if proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, a person can be punished with a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

If you live in New York, getting convicted for passing a bad check can land you in jail for up to three months in jail. Another penalty is a fine of up to $750. Additional penalties may be imposed depending on the check’s amount.

In California, first-time offenders can be given up to 1 year in prison time. This penalty is applicable for checks with amounts lower than $200.

You wouldn’t wish to be a resident of Texas and committed the crime there, as the state has some of the toughest laws against fraud and bad check writing. Penalties can go up to 2 years in jail. Fines in Texas can reach up to  $10,000.


Possible Defenses

In bad check cases, the prosecution’s duty is to prove that the person charged knew that there was not enough money to cover his or her purchase, but decided to proceed with the purchase anyway. Any of the following situations will convince prosecutors that a case merits a court trial.

  • Postdated checks
  • Writing a check on an already closed or non-existent bank account
  • The bank involved is required to send a letter informing the account holder that he has insufficient funds. Failure to replenish the account to meet the required amount within 10 days is considered to be intent to ignore the notice and a willful violation of the law.

The usual defense strategy by lawyers for bad check offenses is to discredit the evidence presented by the prosecution. It is the same strategy that your lawyer might use and much of what he will do will be based on the particular circumstances of your case.


There Are Different Defenses.

One defense is the situation where the recipient of the check cashed the check early, but was aware that the payer did not have sufficient funds in the account at the time the check was received.  The recipient  was supposed to process the check at a future date when the funds were available, but failed to do so.

Another defense is quite similar.  The payer postdates the check, but the recipient cashes the check early.  If the recipient would have waited, there would have been enough funds to cover the check.

A third defense is that the payer was unaware that the bank removed funds from the account without one’s knowledge or the bank changed bank service charges against the account without one’s knowledge, resulting in insufficient funds.


How Conviction Can Affect You

Aside from the fines, jail time, limits on rights and a temporary time where you cannot work, people convicted for passing bad checks have to face other serious consequences, such as:

  • Your credit score may be affected
  • Some banks will close the bank account and you may find it difficult to open another account elsewhere
  • Job limitations – Some companies are not open to accepting applicants with criminal records

Hire an experience criminal defense attorney,  Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law.  The quality of your life is at stake.


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Finding a Life and Health Insurance Fraud Attorney to Help You

Fighting fraud is one of the practice areas of Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law. Insurance fraud victims should be able to find affordable legal representation to help defend their case. Attorney Robert Dodell is here and available to offer you legal assistance to defend your rights.

People seeking financial gain use insurance fraud to either receive maximum benefits or acquire services. Educate yourself about insurance fraud to protect yourself from being someone’s next target.

What is life insurance fraud?

Life insurance is one of the motives for murder in the US. Recipients of insurance money would kill or hire another person to murder the policyholder for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance payout. Other instances of insurance fraud go as far as faking disabilities or death to obtain insurance money.

Insurance fraud is generally described as hiding information during the application procedure and making false insurance claims afterward. People would also tend to cover up their ailments to be able to acquire a life insurance policy.

With so much money at stake, insurance companies typically examine claims and suspicious deaths.They seek help from private investigators to probe insurance claims. However, some people are capable of using tactics to collect life insurance money and deceive family, friends, and insurers.


Types of life insurance fraud

There are two main types of life insurance fraud. The first kind is easier to investigate and has less legal or criminal consequences. The second kind is more dangerous and involves serious criminal charges. Here are some ways life insurance fraud are committed:


  • Premeditated Murder

Insurance policies pay out when the insured dies or is murdered. However, the person, usually a family member, who killed or hired a killer, is not allowed to benefit from the crime.

Legal consequences will also be enforced for this kind of insurance fraud. Individuals who are found guilty of murder for insurance payout will have to face criminal charges, as well as fraud accusations.


  • Faked Deaths and Disabilities

Fraudsters who fake their deaths have to stay out of sight to convince people they are indeed dead. However, not all people are capable of completely cutting ties with family members or friends. Hence, they get caught and brought to the appropriate court.

Faking one’s death or disability may not be a crime in itself, but the people who collect payouts under pretense are guilty of fraud. Lying about medical records or death to obtain benefits will incur penalties, depending on what state the scheme was committed.


  • Forgery

Forgery refers to unauthorized alterations in the insurance plan. For instance, a family member, friend, or even a stranger gets access to a person’s insurance policy and information, and changes the recipients of the insurance payout.


  • Policy Up-Selling

Policy up selling isn’t necessarily a scam, but it’s a common dirty practice among dishonest commission agents. The insurance agents may make false promises such as increased payout if the insurance holder gets embroiled in an accident and dies.


  • Pocketed Premiums

Insurance agents also do fraudulent activities that involve misappropriating client premiums instead of buying life insurance. Fraudsters typically sell policies to senior citizens that are unfitting for their needs.

When found guilty, the fraudster can face over ten years imprisonment. Other states impose varying penalties, depending on the amount of money involved in the scheme.


What is health insurance fraud?

Health insurance fraud is another type of insurance fraud perpetrated by few deceitful individuals or institutions. Unfortunately, both providers and patients can commit this kind of sham.

The medical providers who commit health insurance fraud often misrepresent and alter claims. They also charge more for services, items, and patient appointments that never occurred or furnished. The primary motivation for healthcare fraud by providers is to get more compensation from Medicare.

Patients who try to scam healthcare also usually fabricate or conceal health information to receive benefits. Individuals often modify forms; deliberately not reporting information, or covering pre-existing conditions.


Types of health insurance fraud

The two types of health insurance fraud are as follows:


  • Individual Health Insurance Fraudster

An individual subscriber commits health insurance fraud by exploiting someone else’s identity to acquire funds, goods, or services. It also refers to someone who lets other people use his or her information to collect health care assistance.

In this type of health insurance fraud, individuals also purchase drugs that were not approved by the physician.


  • Medical Institution Fraudster

The most common offense committed by health care providers is making patients pay for medical supplies, devices, and procedures that were never rendered. For instance, a health care provider will charge high-priced service to gain more compensation and revenue.

Some healthcare providers also influence patients to undergo medical treatments that are unnecessary. They even go as far as fabricating results to encourage patients to subscribe to expensive treatments.

Perhaps the most menacing case of healthcare fraud is when institutions submit bills for lab tests in a fragmented fashion. As a result, the laboratory will increase their revenue by charging tests separately instead of as a whole.


Why do you need to talk to an attorney if you’re accused of insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud robs other people of the benefits due to them. It’s a severe problem in the healthcare industry, and anyone proven to have committed the offense can face criminal charges.

Violators might pay fines and spend significant time in prison. Any medical provider or individual who is found guilty of life and health insurance policies will have to live with a felony record and stigma for the rest of their lives. This is why you need to talk to an attorney if you’ve been accused of insurance fraud.

As an insurance fraud attorney, Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, will be able to resolve whether you have a legitimate claim and will fight for your best interests. Compensation must be accorded to you if you’ve been unjustly deprived of insurance or accused to have acted in bad faith.


Contact a Fife Insurance Attorney in Scottsdale

Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law for any fraud defense, or send an inquiry thru email to discuss your case if you’ve fallen victim or have become a pawn in life and health insurance fraud.

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Things You Need To Know Before You File For Insurance Fraud

The idea behind having and providing insurance seems perfectly noble. In reality, however, some policyholders and insurers are consumed by greed. As a result, they engage in fraudulent activities to make financial gains against each other. The investigation and litigation for these are bound to be complicated. So if you or a loved one is involved, consult a criminal lawyer like Robert A. Dodell that has experience in insurance fraud to obtain most appropriate legal assistance.


What Is Insurance Fraud?

As the term suggests, insurance fraud means providing false information in any process involving insurance with the intent to gain. Policyholders and insurers are the main possible perpetrators. However, impostors and third parties may also engage in such crime. A third party is either a professional or a company that willingly renders its services to support a policyholder’s fallacious claim. Healthcare professionals are one of the potential third parties engaged in insurance fraud.

What Are The Elements Of Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud comes in various forms. Each form has a different set of elements as well. Furthermore, the elements for each form differ from one state to another. Nevertheless, insurance fraud, in general, has three elements that must be proven in a court. These elements are as follows:

  • The defendant deliberately provides false information.
  • The defendant has intent to gain.
  • The fraud is done in any process involving insurance.

Losing money directly due to the fraud may serve as evidence that the defendant has the intent to gain. However, there’s no need to prove the financial loss as it’s not an element of the crime.


What Are The Penalties For Insurance Fraud?

The penalties are different for every form of insurance fraud and in every state. Some states regard minor frauds as misdemeanors. As misdemeanors, the penalties are less severe. Possible penalties include probation, community service, and paying a fine. The convicted may also serve some jail time.

Severe cases, on the other hand, result to heavier penalties. Fines are higher. Jail time is longer, and it’s not just a possibility. The public records, credit rating, and reputation of the convicted individuals are also tarnished. With these, applying for loans, jobs, and leases will become more difficult for them.

Such penalties are only deemed appropriate considering that billions of dollars are lost to insurance scams every year. Additionally, these fraudulent activities increase the amount of premiums that policyholders must pay. But the worst part is that some frauds involve endangering the lives of others.


Types of Insurance Scams & Fraud

Insurance fraud is mainly classified into soft fraud and hard fraud. Your insurance fraud lawyer may specialize in one or two of the said types. The basic difference between the two is that the potential loss is much greater in hard fraud compared to soft fraud.

In hard fraud, there is a deliberate act to create damage, injury, or loss that is covered in an insurance policy. After the act, the perpetrator claims as much as thousands to millions of dollars.

Compared to hard fraud, soft fraud is way more common. It tends to involve legitimate claims as well. However, the perpetrator usually exaggerates some details in the claims to get more. In some instances, the perpetrator omits some vital information to lower down the premiums.

Soft fraud and hard fraud may involve different types of insurance. Below are the more specific types of insurance scams.


Insurance Agents & Agency Fraud

In this type of fraud, the victim is usually the policyholder. The perpetrator, either the insurance agents or the entire agency, denies due benefits by doing any of the following:

  • Issuance of bouncing checks
  • Providing less than the due amount
  • Lying about records


Health Insurance Fraud

Policyholders and healthcare professionals are the typical perpetrators of this scheme. These may or may not involve legitimate claims. Below are some types of fraud that involves health insurance.

  • Inflated billing
  • Concealment of health conditions
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Alteration of forms


Car & Auto Insurance Fraud

Car insurance fraud is one of the usual crimes done by organized rings. Nevertheless, policyholders and insurers alike may also engage in this crime by doing any of the following acts:

  • Faking damages
  • Exaggerating damages and injuries
  • Vehicle arson
  • Vehicle theft
  • Paper collision


Life Insurance Fraud

Scammers wanting to gain more than a hundred bucks go for life insurance fraud. This type of fraud is done by:

  • Faking death
  • False policy application


Bait-And-Switch Schemes

Bait-and-switch schemes mainly involve the insurer. These actually fall under false advertising. In these schemes, the insurer lies to the prospective policyholders to entice them. Acts involved in these schemes include:

  • Advertising a premium rate lower than the actual one
  • Increasing premiums for no legitimate reason


Force-Placed Insurance

In this case, banks and lenders are the potential perpetrators. This type of fraud happens when the borrower fails to extend an insurance policy for his property. Then, the lender forces to get the property insured. This means the borrower can’t shop around for a better deal. This insurance fraud involves:

  • Not informing the borrower (policyholder) about the insurance costs
  • Denying the borrower the chance to apply for a better policy

Gathering and refuting evidence for insurance fraud will be a meticulous process. Scammers are experts on these things so you shouldn’t just act hastily. To improve your chances, consult a reliable insurance fraud lawyer like Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law.



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Juveniles Offenses and Miranda Rights – Domestic Violence

About 9% of domestic violence cases in the U.S. are charged to juvenile offenders. That’s one juvenile offender for every 11 adult offense cases. If your child have been charged with domestic violence, are under the age of 18, and are looking for an attorney, starting your search with Robert A. Dodell Attorney At Law is the best idea.


What are the Miranda Rights?

The Fifth Amendment gives protection to individuals from being forced to put themselves in a self-incriminating position. When questioned in police custody, a person must be read their Miranda Rights, which entitles them to the following:

  • the right to remain silent (as everything said can and will be used against them in a court of law)
  • the right to an attorney
  • the right to have an attorney present during questioning
  • the right to a court appointed attorney under certain circumstances, if the person cannot afford to hire one.


As a result of not being read or having understood the Miranda Rights, whatever an individual says while in police custody may not be used against them in court proceedings. Furthermore, if that individual’s statements result in evidence being collected, the State may not be able to use that evidence in court.


How does the Miranda Rights apply to minors?

The Miranda Rights must be read in a similar manner that the accused should understand. Additionally the officer must advance the right to have a parent present during the questioning. A juvenile must be questioned by police only if they understood these rights when they are read to them. As a parent or legal guardian, you will also be notified that your child is in custody for the alleged offense. However, the child can agree to talk to the police without parents or an attorney present. But after all these, what do you do?


How Robert Dodell Can Help!

As a parent, you’d want your child to have a bright future. It’s normal to want to keep their juvenile record clean. For the sake of their mental and psychological health, you’d also want to keep them from facing possible time in a juvenile facility. Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, for an experienced lawyer in the areas of juvenile delinquencies and criminal law.

Pre-trial discussions may be in place to settle matters informally. Instead of facing trial, your child may just have to be put in some type of diversion or rehabilitation program. Robert Dodell can help set up the written conditions that your child would have to follow after admission of the charges. Your child’s case could be dismissed if they could follow these requirements.

While a juvenile could not be convicted, they could be considered an “adjudicated delinquent.” There is also a chance that your child could be tried as an adult instead of a juvenile. Being tried in criminal court is a life-changing experience that threatens your child’s freedom and future. Hiring an experienced juvenile delinquency and criminal defense lawyer is the first line of defense. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, knows that you and your child have rights and would protect them the best way he knows how: by providing great juvenile defense assistance.

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The Impact of DV Charges to an Individual

It is normal to have conflicts, misunderstandings, and disagreements among family members from time to time. However, things can get out of hand and when they do, they could escalate into domestic violence.

Legally, domestic violence is defined as the violation of the rights of a person in a domestic set-up such as in a marriage or in a family o any co-habitation setting. These cases can involve physical injuries, rape, grave abuse, threats and even as much as murders and homicide.

People who are charged in these cases might not know how to handle their situation. Some appeal to the sympathies of their accusers and others who can influence the ruling on their case. In cases that are quite sensational, the accused might also try to earn the sympathy of the public to somehow sway the outcome of the case.

The best course of action of someone charged in such a case is actually to contact an attorney who can guide him through the entire legal process and help him get the least damaging ruling possible.


The Trouble with Domestic Violence

A domestic violence case has a life-changing impact on the one charged of committing the crime, especially if one is being wrongfully accused. The accused could suffer from mental and emotional distress. It is not unusual fo the court to issue a no contact order, so the accused will be separated from the family. If the case progresses and the Defendant is handed a guilty verdict, a jail sentence is possible. Life will be put on hold and it would likely be difficult to get back to one’s old life.

To give you an idea of what someone accused of committing a crime in a domestic setting charge could face, here are a few possible consequences:

  1. Limited employment opportunities – there’s always a stigma attached to criminal charges. When you have a domestic violence conviction on your record, you might find it difficult to find an employer who will hire you in a snap. This is especially true if you wish to work in government, in health care facilities, or in institutions and businesses that deal with children and minors.
  2. Inability to obtain some licenses and privileges – the government could bar your from practicing your profession or occupation by revoking your license as the case may be. You might also be prevented from operating a business or working in certain types of occupations.

In most cases, having such a charge on your record will prevent you from owning and handling guns and firearms.

  1. Heavier financial burden – in a conviction for violence in a domestic case, you could be asked to pay damages to the aggrieved party, in the form of restitution.
  2. For cases involving divorced or divorcing couples, the court can than a domestic violence case into consideration and that could affect post-divorce contact orders and visitation of children.


Easing the Impact of a Domestic Violence Charge

It is not easy to be charged with any crime and the impact of a domestic violence charge cannot be taken lightly. You face better prospects when you have an experience attorney working on your case. Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, for your domestic violence defense, an experienced attorney to help you navigate your domestic violence case.

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Teen Sex and the Romeo and Juliet Defense

There are times when teenagers make decisions that could have an impact on the rest of their lives. In such instances, parents would want to make sure that their children are not unnecessarily and unreasonably sanctioned by law or by any other means. One particular area of concern is consensual sex by teens.

Sexual hormones are quite high and emotions are intense during the teenage years. When these are not kept in check, teens are bound to find themselves crossing the lines and, perhaps unknowingly, getting in trouble. The poor judgment could also be a result of the fact that the teenage brain is not yet fully developed. As a parent, you might then ask “Will my teenage child get arrested for having consensual sex in Arizona? How can the Romeo & Juliet Defense help?”

In Arizona, the law is clear on age of consent. Failure to follow the provisions stated in the law will lead to unfortunate consequences. If your child is convicted, he will:

  • Have a tarnished reputation,
  • Have difficulty in finding employment in the future, and
  • Risk imprisonment

Anybody who has sex with a minor faces the risk both of getting convicted of a sexual offense and having to register as a sex offender for all the rest of one’s life.


Age of Consent

In various US states, the law specifically states the age of consent. The term refers to the minimum age one must reach before he can legally consent to a romantic activity, such as sexual intercourse, oral sex, etc. In Arizona, that minimum age is 18.

It is not entirely hopeless if you find that your child who is below the age of consent has had consensual sex with a partner who is likewise still a teenager. You can ask your lawyer if you can invoke the Romeo and Juliet defense.


Arizona’s Romeo and Juliet Defense

Each state that implements the Romeo and Juliet defense has different legal provisions for the law. Arizona’s version states that the defense can be applied to a charge of sexual conduct with a minor if the victim is between 15 to 17 years old. The following additional requirements should be met:

  • The commission of the sexual act is consensual.
  • The defendant is below 19 years of age or is currently attending high school.
  • and the age gap between the defendant and the victim is less than 24 months.

If your child is 18 years old and the other party is 15 years old, more than 24 months apart, the Arizona Romeo and Juliet defense does not apply.

The Romeo and Juliet provision is usually the first recourse for those who find themselves in this predicament. Those who cannot be helped by this defense can make use of the Mistaken Identity Strategy.

Depending on the circumstances of your teenager’s case, your lawyer may be able to argue a Mistaken Identity defense. This defense strategy is used in cases when it can be shown that the victim lied about his or her age.

The defense can be strengthened further by showing the court that the defendant made attempts to know the true age of the accuser.

If the defendant can show that he/she checked the victim’s social media or some identification, or even contacted the victim’s friends to verify the victim’s age


Legal Assistance for Your Romeo and Juliet

Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, can help you protect your teen’s rights. Robert A. Dodell is a veteran lawyer who has handles both juvenile and adult criminal cases in Arizona. You can check out the reviews to see how satisfied his clients are with the legal services that they received.

When your teenage child is facing any kind of legal trouble, you can expect that it is going to be a really difficult time for your child and the entire family. What you need is a legal professional who can assist your child. To learn more about sex crimes visit Robert A. Dodell Attorney At Law, for a free initial consultation.

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Adoption Attorney Vs An Adoption Agency

Do You Need The Assistance Of An Adoption Attorney Or An Adoption Agency?

Choosing between an agency and a private entity is a hard decision to make if you are thinking of adopting a child. A wise decision can only be made when you have enough information to make a proper analysis.

Adopting a child is a life-changing experience for any family. Apart from ensuring that the adopted child feels comfortable and happy with his or her new family, there is also the matter of the legal paperwork to deal with. It is important to remember that adoption is a legal process. Without legal documentation, the adopted child cannot be considered by law as part of the adoptive family. There are prescribed steps when it comes to filing the necessary documents and going through court proceedings.

It is easy for people to confuse an adoption attorney with an adoption agency. But, there are clear differences that you should know before you make the choice. They are not one and the same and one certainly has an advantage over the other.


Adoption Agencies

These agencies provide services that match parents who want to adopt with children who need homes and families. If the adoptive parents are not adopting a child through State foster care or adopting an identified child, such as a relation or one born to a friend or acquaintance, then an adoption agency is likely the route to take. The range of services is extensive – from pre-counseling an expectant mother who wishes to give up her baby after childbirth to helping adopted children connect with their biological parents should they wish to do so when they reach adulthood.

Here’s what you can expect when you select an adoption agency:

  • Counseling Support throughout the adoption process – adoption agencies are staffed with family counselors, psychologists, and social workers who can counsel birth parents, adoptive couples and their immediate family members, and children under their care. Counseling support services are often available right before matching a child to a family and extend to after the child has settled in with his adoptive parents and siblings.
  • Biological Information about the child – the adoption agency keeps records of all biological information about the child, including his birth parents and his medical records. This information is often essential when it comes to serious illnesses and injuries. In some instances, the adopted child would also want to trace his roots and find out who his real parents are.
  • Administrative Support in compiling and filing all necessary documents to make the adoption legal – parents who want to adopt their own child will have to be ready with a number of documents that indicate their capacity to raise a child. These include identification certifications, financial records, and other legal documents that pertain to previous changes in marital and family status.


While it would seem like adoption agencies provide all the services that you could possibly need to adopt a child, the adoption agency process is extremely expensive and is best if the adoptive parents do not have a particular child in mind to adopt or do not go through the State foster care system. Those adoptions are not suited for an adoption agency.


Strong, Seasoned Adoption Attorney

An experienced adoption attorney will do a variety of types of adoptions, including adoptions of children in foster care and independent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and grandparent or relative adoptions. Adoption agencies have their place, but not when it comes to these adoptions.

Here’s what you can expect from an adoption attorney:

  • Expert Legal Advice from start to finish – you do not have to ‘grope in the dark’ or scrounge around for answers to your questions when you already have an adoption attorney to consult with. You are less likely to be misinformed and consequently make the wrong decisions. These mistakes can set you back in terms of time and money.
  • Timely Processing – there are legal steps that need to be taken in the right order. For instance, there needs to be a court ruling on the Termination of Parental Rights to emancipate the child so you can adopt him. There are also prescription periods that will have to be observed, such as the time period within which a child should be adopted from foster care, the grace period allowed for birth parents to appeal their case, the deadline for birth parents to revoke their consent to adopt.
  • Better Understanding and Application of state adoption and child welfare laws – there are variations in adoption laws from one state to another. When you have an adoption attorney like Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, you can be sure that every step that you take towards legally adopting a child will be the right one.


In order to ensure that every step of the process is done properly and in a timely manner. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, is a skilled and seasoned adoption attorney. He can help you every step of the way and make the entire adoption process as smooth as possible despite the complications and challenges.

Hiring an adoption lawyer can be an advantage to you in many ways. It is also the more cost-effective option. Since you are getting advice from a legal standpoint, you have a better chance of getting a favorable response from the court as well. You avoid the unnecessary stress of having to rectify mistakes or having to go through the entire process all over again because of a misstep.

To find out more about how an adoption attorney can help you understand the legal procedure of adoption, connect with Robert A. Dodell, by sending him an email message or by calling him up at 480-860-4321 now for a free initial consultation.

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