Arizona Increases Juvenile Court Jurisdiction Age

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed a bill which will allow young people who have been charged with a crime to stay under the juvenile court system until they are 19 years of age. Prior to the signing of this bill, if someone turned 18 years of age while under the juvenile court system, the courts would lose jurisdiction over that young person.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has spoken out in favor of this change, as have many public defenders. The change allows the office to supervise juveniles in court for longer, and means that those who are close to turning 18 years of age still have options under the juvenile system.  Prior to the change, youths would often end up being prosecuted as adults, because while they were a juvenile when the crime that they are accused of was committed, there was not enough time to complete the case under the juvenile system. This meant that young people were at risk of ending up with a criminal record, making it hard for them to get a scholarship or a job. Being prosecuted under the adult system at a young age can have a lasting impact on a young person’s life, and robs them of the second chances that they could have had if they were prosecuted as a juvenile.

It is expected that the extension to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court could mean that hundreds of additional cases are seen under the juvenile system every year.  Beth Rosenberg, a representative of the Children’s Action Alliance says that the change offers the opportunity for kids charged with crimes, under the age of 18, to get considered under the juvenile court system, as kids should be. She says that those young people need to be treated as kids, because at such a young age that is what they are.

If you have a child who has been accused of a crime in Arizona, then it is important that you and they speak to a juvenile lawyer to ensure that they get the representation that they need for their case to be considered fairly. The legal system is set up to take into consideration the limited judgment and understanding that children have, and to give them the opportunity to have a clean start as an adult and to grow into a responsible citizen. Children often make mistakes through peer pressure or if they fall into the wrong crowd. This should not be something that should impact them for decades after the fact.

With the right support from a juvenile lawyer, a young person will have the opportunity to make right what they have done, and to get back onto a more positive path. They deserve the opportunity to go back to school or to find employment, and to have their transgressions forgotten. Crimes committed as an adult are far more serious, and young people should understand the severity of what they do, and how reaching an age of maturity means their choices matter.

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How a Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Can Help Those Selling or Dealing Prescription Drugs in Arizona

Opioid painkillers are highly addictive, and they are also quite dangerous. Between June 2017 and September 2017, there were 1,798 suspected opioid-related deaths in Arizona alone and 11,733 suspected opioid overdoses. Opioids can be particularly harmful when taken by pregnant women.  They are prescribed in cases where other drugs are ineffective, but their use must be carefully monitored, and they should be used only for short periods.

For this reason, opioids are heavily controlled. Sadly, even with safeguards in place, some people who are given opioids for short-term use become addicted to them, and there is an epidemic of opioid abuse and dealing across the whole country, not just in Arizona.

If you have been charged with selling or dealing opioids, then it is important that you get the best legal advice that you can. Robert A. Dodell, Drug Defense Lawyer, sees many people come to ask for advice about drug dealing charges. Some of those people are those who have made some bad decisions and have been selling drugs that they were prescribed for their own use, or dealing illegally in drugs. Others are wrongfully accused. Whatever your circumstances, Robert A. Dodell is here to offer judgment-free legal advice and support.

Opioid Laws in Arizona

The Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act is designed to attack the opioid epidemic from all angles, protecting those who are suffering from chronic pain, while providing those who are struggling with addiction with support and treating them with compassion.

Opioid addiction is a public health emergency, and the Arizona Department of Health Services is looking for ways to prevent overdose, provide people with access to medication-assisted treatment, and also help to prevent addiction by ensuring that prescriptions are appropriate.

As a part of the act, the law in Arizona has been reconsidered. Lawmakers have opted to institute a “Good Samaritan” law, which will encourage people to call 911 if they suspect someone has taken an opioid overdose, and allow the person who has overdosed to receive the necessary emergency care. Prior to the enactment of this law, those who witnessed overdoses were often reluctant to call for help because they feared prosecution for their own drug use. The new law will make it easier for bystanders to seek help without fear of prosecution themselves.

Another new initiative is the Angel Initiative, which allows citizens to turn in their drugs to the police, and seek treatment for their addiction, without fear of prosecution. The initiative was first launched in October 2016, but on a very limited scale. The early attempts led to 123 people entering into treatment, and the plan now is to open it up to more counties, to allow even more people to get assistance.

Lawmakers want to see bad actors who write dangerous prescriptions punished more heavily, and to prevent fraudulent marketing, pill mills, and doctor shopping. Accountability should be in the hands of the manufacturers and the doctors, with pills not making it onto the streets.

If you have been struggling with opioid addiction, or are involved in the sale or trade of opioids illegally, seek help as soon as possible.

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How A DUI Can Affect Your Career As A Teacher

A DUI charge can have long-term effects on both your life and your livelihood. It is why many teaching professionals count on legal professionals such as Robert A. Dodell, DUI lawyer, for their legal experience following a drunk charge.

Besides offering strong DUI defense and legal representation, Robert is more than willing to help clients deal with the fallout following their drink driving charge. It is particularly important for educators and teachers that may end up facing serious career challenges and paying for their mistakes in various ways.

Is It Possible to be Fired Following a DUI Arrest?

It will depend on the nature of the DUI arrest and the circumstances surrounding it. While you might not necessarily be fired following a DUI, the superintendent or school principal may have qualms about your continued employment since teachers are supposed to be role models to their students. In such situations, you might be fired. Fortunately, you can have a hearing about the dismissal and can consult with a lawyer.


Is It Possible to Lose My Teaching Credential Due To a DUI Arrest?

Not necessarily.

Teaching credentials for K-12 teachers are regulated by the State Board of Education and it will ultimately determine who gets certified and who can hold a particular credential. The teacher must have a fingerprint clearance card, and a DUI will impact the card.  With no criminal history and the lack of serious harm or injury from the DUI, it is unlikely that you will be unable to hold a teaching credential. However, this is usually considered on a case-by-case basis.


How Should You Deal with Driving Restrictions Following a DUI?

Having a DUI on your record can be a major issue when it comes to your future job prospects in education. The DUI might impact your ability to apply for a fingerprint clearance card, and there could be issues at district level when it comes to securing employment.


A DUI Attorney Can Be of Great Help

Working with a competent DUI attorney such as Robert A. Dodell can be of great benefit to you. He will not only develop a strong defense strategy for addressing your drunk driving charge, but you will also get you the proper advice to help put your life back in order. The lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected under the law.

Talk to a DUI Lawyer About Your Case

For additional information about the legal options following your DUI arrest, ensure that you contact a skilled DUI defense lawyer today. Robert A. Dodell, DUI Lawyer, will help you make the best decision possible with regards to your case and your career prospects.

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How Sexual Assault Lawyers Can Help Rape Victims Trapped In Their Leases

Rape and sexual assault are terrible things for anyone to go through. Imagine if the experience was dragged out because you had to live near your abuser.  This is something that has happened in Arizona, and until recently women who were assaulted had no real option for getting away in that kind of case.

One Arizona woman who was raped by a neighbor, then unable to move because she was still held to her lease, worked with Arizona lawmakers to change the statute that requires a tenant to pay a fee to break a lease. In some cases, that fee could be thousands of dollars, which made moving a financial impossibility for a lot of people.  The law already had a clause that allowed domestic abuse victims to break their leases, and now it has been expanded to allow sexual assault victims to break their leases without being liable for a termination fee. The new legislation came into effect in August 2018, and now rape and sexual assault victims have an option for getting out of their leases.




Sadly, not all landlords are reputable, and some may try to fight against a person who is looking to break their lease. If that happens, then having a good attorney can be helpful. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, is here to help those who are struggling with the aftermath of such events.

It has been a long road for victims of sexual abuse. Of course, lawmakers want to ensure that the system is not exploited, and there are clear processes to follow.  To break the lease, a victim is required to provide a police report, or a copy of a protective order, to the landlord, and they must put in the request to break the lease within 30 days of the alleged incident, unless the landlord agrees to allow more time than that.

Under the legislation, a property manager can pursue the abuser for the costs associated with breaking the lease, if the person is named in the report.

Time to Heal

The hope is that the new system will give victims the opportunity to heal. Often, an abuser is someone that is known to the victim, and there is the persistent fear that the attacker will return and repeat their acts. This can make it hard for the person to move on.  Having the chance to leave their old home behind and make a fresh start somewhere can help to speed up the healing process.

Act Quickly if You Wish to Break Your Lease

If you want to leave and break your lease, then you should tell your landlord that you wish to do so under Arizona Revised Statute 33-1318. Any roommates can sign a new agreement, as long as they are not the perpetrator. You can have your locks changed while you stay, but you will need to pay for this. Your landlord cannot charge a termination fee for you leaving under these circumstances. If they try to do so, seek legal advice.

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Obtain a Criminal Defense Lawyer For Juveniles Using Social Media the Wrong Way

In a world where billions of people are staying connected with one another via social media, it is no surprise that different issues can arise that would potentially cause some serious problems for people who use these different sites. Although the purpose of using these sites is to have conversations and stay in touch with loved ones, no matter how close or how far they may be, some people use social media for other reasons that can get them in trouble.


More specifically, teenagers can get into trouble when using social media in the wrong way out of spite, anger, and frustration. When these teenagers do get arrested for things they have done on social media, they need to hire a criminal defense attorney they can trust. Robert A. Dodell, Juvenile Attorney, is an attorney who takes on these special cases and works with those who are accused of serious social media crimes in an attempt to help them overcome the bad situation they got themselves into.


Cyber Bullying

One of the biggest downfalls to social media is cyber bullying. People have started to use these different social sites as an outlet for their own frustration and anger. If they are feeling upset, they may want to take it out on someone else that they do not get along with, which can ultimately lead to serious bullying. The truth is that cyberbullying is no joke and there are people who have decide to commit suicide due to the severity of the bullying going on in their lives.


A teenager may be arrested if he or she is bullying another student endlessly on social media. While the person initiating the bullying may think it is harmless, it can have such a negative impact on the person who is getting bullied, which is the reason it has become more of a crime in recent years. The juvenile criminal defense attorney can make his client fully aware of the severity of cyber bullying while putting up a defense for the client because that client may not have realized that cyber bullying could cause such emotional anguish for another person.


Cyber Stalking


Cyber stalking is another reason for teenagers to end up arrested and charged with stalking offense of another person. If a teenager is upset because the person they were talking to suddenly decided to end their relationship and start a new one with someone else, they may begin calling repeatedly. If their number gets blocked, they may start sending dozens of messages on different social media sites, some of which may even be threatening. While the teenager may be acting out of hurt and anger without realizing the impact of his or her words, this type of behavior is deemed inappropriate and is commonly referred to as cyber stalking.


Catfishing and Harassment


Catfishing is a term used to describe a person who uses another person’s pictures without their knowledge and pretends to be them instead of being who they truly are on social media. While some people believe there is no harm in catfishing, it becomes even more of an issue when the person who is doing the catfishing is arranging meetings with strangers and handing out personal information on the unsuspecting person who does not even realize their pictures are being used online. If the unsuspecting person ends up harmed or hurt as a result of the catfishing and harassment that has taken place, the teenager who stole the pictures and initiated these different conversations with strangers may be held responsible.


Although social media is beneficial for numerous reasons, some teenagers are using it the wrong way. When teenagers choose to use social media in an inappropriate way, they can end up arrested and charged with serious crimes. When those types of situations occur, those teenagers are going to need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist with their case and provide a defense that could possibly help them overcome such a negative situation.

Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, right away to help your child..

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Updated Interlock Device Law In Arizona

What is an Interlock Device?

An interlock device is basically a breathalyzer that is installed in a vehicle which prevents the ignition from operating unless a person with a zero BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) blows into the device.

Previous Interlock Device Law

The law requires that vehicle owners who have been convicted of a DUI charge have one of these devices installed in their motor vehicles in order to prevent them driving while they are intoxicated. However, there was one glaring problem with this law as anyone could blow into the device and not necessarily the driver of the vehicle.

This has allowed many drunk drivers to bypass the device and therefore the law and continue to drive while intoxicated presenting a hazard to the general public. With changing technology and an amendment to the existing law, it is now possible to ensure that the person blowing into the device is actually the driver of the vehicle.

New Arizona Interlock Device Law

As of 1 July 2018, the law requires that all interlocking devices must be equipped with a camera as well as a GPS tracking system. In addition, the device must allow for electronic and wireless reporting in real time. In effect, the camera photographs the person who is blowing into the device thereby ensuring that it is the actual driver of the vehicle.

The GPS tracking device will be able to monitor and assess the driving actions of a driver. Both the information from the camera and GPS can be recorded or streamed live in order to monitor drivers who have been legally mandated to have the device installed in their vehicle.

How Does This Affect Existing Interlock Devices?

Any vehicle that has already been fitted will not be required to upgrade to the new interlocking devices or that any changes be made to the existing device. The previously mandated device will stay in place until their sentence and MVD requirements have been fulfilled.

Further Interlock Device Requirements

Arizona law further requires that the driver of the vehicle pays for the installation of the device through an authorized dealer as well as the calibration and maintenance of the device to ensure that it is operating effectively. The device needs to be inspected to ensure that it is in good working order by a certified technician every 30 days for the first 3 months.

Depending on the sentence that has been handed down, the device may need to be installed anywhere from 6 months to two years. Current devices may also request rolling tests on a random basis while the vehicle is running. This is in an attempt to bypass the loophole that anyone can blow into the device.

Contravening any of the laws regarding the interlock device can carry severe penalties in Arizona. It is therefore highly recommended to contact a lawyer who is experienced in the law should you be charged with a DUI. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, can provide the best legal advice and representation regarding DUI and Interlock Device legislation.

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What Is a Hate Crime and How Can It Affect Me?

A hate crime can be committed against another person or property. It is a type of crime committed due to prejudice or hostility of the perpetrator towards the victim’s disability, religion or belief, ethnicity or race, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

Anyone can be a hate crime victim. In fact, you don’t have to belong to the group that is the target of the hostility. A hate incident is not the same as a hate crime, although it may feel the same to the victim of a hate incident. After all, the incident is also based on a person’s prejudice over another person’s disability, religion, race, or sexual orientation. In many cases, a hate incident escalates into a crime or tension within the community. This is why such incidents are a matter of concern for the police, although no crime has been committed.

Effects of Hate Crimes

Because people are different, hate crimes affect them in various ways as well. It is important to remember, however, that any change that happens in how you feel may be due to the traumatic experience that you have experienced.

The fact that you know the act was deliberately done by another person makes the crime difficult to cope with. The perpetrator of a hate crime does it with the intention of causing some kind of harm on another, unlike an illness or an accident.

A victim typically experiences the effects of a hate crime for a long period of time, and it is not dependent on the severity of the crime. There are people who can cope very well with different types of horrifying crimes. On the other hand, some people can be extremely distressed even by a less horrific incident.

Following are some effects of experiencing a hate crime:

  • Anger or feeling upset or other strong emotions – You may become too emotional after experiencing a hate crime, and these strong emotions can result in making you more confused and unsettled. You may also feel upset, angry, or afraid. However, as mentioned, people have different reactions to crime.
  • Things falling apart – You may find things suddenly falling apart for you. Initially, you may feel quite normal, but things may quickly begin to fall apart in no time.
  • Manifestation of physical symptoms – Like some people, you may show physical symptoms like feeling ill or lack of sleep.
  • Blaming yourself – You may blame yourself for what happened, and think that you might have avoided it by having done things differently. A lot of victims either blame themselves or feel quite embarrassed to come forward and seek help. It is therefore important to keep in mind that it wasn’t your fault.
  • Long-term concerns – A hate crime may cause you to develop long-term problems like depression, anxiety, and other related illnesses. Many victims don’t experience long-term harm, although some short-term effects can be quite severe. Sometimes, victims develop long-term concerns like anxiety-related disorders, and some people have an extreme, long-lasting reaction after a hate crime (also known as PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder)

Final Word

A hate crime can have serious repercussions for the victim, and for the perpetrator as well. If you find yourself in the victim of such a crime, Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, can assist you as a representative of victims. This way, you can be sure that your rights are well-protected at all times.

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